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The European Spine Study Group (ESSG) was founded in July 2010 by a group of European spinal deformity surgeons who decided to develop a comprehensive, prospective, multicentre, European and international Adult Spinal Deformity (ASD) database to evaluate the clinical outcomes of patients with ASD undergoing conservative or surgical treatment. Funds and group administration were centralized in Vall Hebron Institut de Recerca (VHIR) Research Foundation, in Barcelona.

By January 2012, the first administrative and legal group structure with 4 centres (Ankara Spine Center in Ankara, Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona, Acıbadem University School of Medicine in Istambul, Turkey in Istanbul and La Paz University Hospital in Madrid) was established, IRB approval was obtained for all centres, and a central study coordinator plus local research coordinators for each centre were selected. In September 2013, the group attained its present structure, which includes two additional sites (Bordeaux University Hospital and the Schulthess Klinik in Zurich).

The final goal of ESSG is to improve the medical care and health related quality of life of patients with ASD by performing high quality research and delivering valuable knowledge through the analysis and mining of the ESSG database. A large part of our research funds are used to ensure the acquisition of high quality data, with the data collection and entry being managed by our well-trained, local research coordinators. A central coordinator supervises and coordinates the activities of all the sites involved in the study group and ensures that professional research standards are maintained throughout.

The growth and size of our database as well as our progressively increasing research output has placed ESSG in a leading position in Europe and worldwide. Nine years after its inception, the ESSG brings together the knowledge and experience of renowned clinicians and researchers, active in the field of adult spinal deformity.

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