Ideals and goals

Main goal

The fundamental purpose of the European Spine Study Group (ESSG) is to improve daily clinical practice in adult spinal deformity through a better understanding of its natural history and by identifying the most suitable therapeutic options, taking into account the patient’s personal characteristics, preferences, and key deformity parameters, together with the risk-benefit ratio of different treatment modalities.


Our group seeks to consolidate its leadership in Europe and worldwide, becoming a highly respected authority in clinically-relevant adult spinal deformity research and marking our progress in the field by the transformation of daily clinical practice.


Our mission is to improve the medical care and health related quality of life of patients with adult spinal deformity by performing high quality research and delivering valuable knowledge through analysis of the comprehensive, prospectively collected data in our unique, European, international, multicentre database.


Both our mission and our vision are founded on our firm beliefs and values as a research group, which include:

  • Working for the benefit of patients.
  • Establishing the safety, efficacy and efficiency of our treatments.
  • Bringing together highly committed professionals from an array of different healthcare systems to obtain a broad, international perspective.